Domains Africa

Meet Team Domains Africa


Zoe believes that the freshest content is what keep the search engines interested. Ever tried to get your friends to come to a home party with stale grass?


Gerry says that the most important factor for a website is the Page Rank. The higher the better. Gerry claims at his height, he is a PR 11 ;)


Leonard says that Authority sites are hard to beat. You have to earn the authority to be the King of this jungle.


Eleanor believes that Content is King. You cannot win with thin or shallow content. Put the meatiest content you can find out there and your traffic will find you.


Lyla says that building links is not enough. You need to build links fast. Speed signals freshness and importance to the search engines. The fast shall inherit the world wide web.


Horatio believes that social is the future. Hippos know how to party!


Rhys says that it all depends on on page factors like keywords density. You have to be thick horned to get the search engines to sit up and take notice.


Troy believes that user engagement is crucial. To get the traffic you thrill and stalk the user and engage him with the eye of the tiger.


Timothy believes that age is undeniably the strongest attribute for SEO. The older the site, the harder to displace it from the SERPs.