Domains Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DomainsAfrica?

DomainsAfrica is a fast new search engine for finding expired domains and domains on auction

What is your privacy policy concerning my search results?

We ensure that your search results are kept private. Your searches are never ever shared or distributed

Why are some of the domain boxes in different colors?

The color on the boxes represent the page rank of the domains. We have chosen different colors, so that its easy for you to find the high page rank domains from the list.

Could you explain the various tabs at the top?

How much does it cost?

DomainsAfrica is 100% free to use

How do you make money?

We make money when you use the affiliate links we provide to buy a domain

How is it so blazing fast?

We developed DomainsAfrica with a focus on speed. We cache all the search results so that they are returned as quickly as possible

Where do you get your data from?

The domains are from the ones listed on the following sites - GoDaddy, NameJet, SnapNames, Sedo and DynaDot

I need more search options?

If you are an advanced domain hunter, you should use the best tool to find expired domains