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The domain has a Moz Domain Authority of 30.16 and a Moz Rank of 4.18. Moz Rank is a link popularity metric created by Moz that mimicks Google’s Page Rank.

It has 427 links from 66 different domains and 66 unique IPs. Out of these, 1 link is from 1 GOV domain. EDU and GOV links are supposed to give better juice since these are hard to get.

It has a high Citation Flow of 32 and a Trust Flow of 18. Citation Flow gives weightage to older links, so it less susceptible to temporary spammy links.

The last website on this domain before it expired was in the Business category. You can view the website from the wayback archive

The following keywords were extracted from the site (using Wayback Archive): Triune Systems, Contact Triune Systems, energy harvesting, ultra-low power energy, power management, solar power, energy efficient solutions, unique circuit solutions, power management applications, revolutionary products

An analysis of 34 links to the domain is given below. The first column called “Link From” gives details of the domain and links to the page with the link. The “Domain Authority” column shows the Moz Domain Authority of the domain where the link is from. The third column called “Anchor Text” shows the anchor text that has been used in the link. The “Rank Passed” shows the amount of Moz Rank (out of 10) that is passed by the link to the domain.

Link From Domain Authority Anchor Text Rank Passed 14 Triune 2.49 18 Triune Systems 4.13 27 3.09 17 Triune 2.45
*Links shown above only from unique domains.

Timothy Turtle

Timothy believes that age is undeniably the strongest attribute for SEO. The older the site, the harder to displace it from the SERPs.

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