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The domain has a Citation Flow of 25 and a Trust Flow of 19. Older links are given a lor more weightage while Citation Flow is being calculated, making it harder to fake Citation Flow metrics.

It has 298 links from 33 different domains and 33 unique IPs. Out of these, 27 links are from 1 EDU domain and 2 links are from 2 GOV domains. EDU and Gov domains have higher authority by default, hence links from them are supposedly more valuable.

It has a Moz Domain Authority of 26.83 and a Moz Rank of 4.00. Moz Rank is a metric by Moz that tries to mimick Page Rank and is similarly calculated on a 10 point logarithmic scale.

The last website on this domain before it expired was in the Culture & Politics category. You can view the website from the wayback archive

The following keywords were extracted from the site (using Wayback Archive): rain garden, rain gardens, free rain garden, professional Joomla template

6 links found for the domain have been analyzed below. The “Link From” column shows the domain that the link is from and links to the page where you will find the link. The second column called “Domain Authority” gives the Moz Domain Authority of the domain. The column “Anchor Text” shows the anchor text that has been used in the link. The “Rank Passed” shows the amount of Moz Rank (out of 10) that is passed by the link to the domain.

Link From Domain Authority Anchor Text Rank Passed 75 Maywood green streets revitaliz… 2.81 16… 3.35
*The top link from a domain is shown.

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