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The domain is only 4 characters long which is good. People make less mistakes when typing out short domain names.

It has 1,610 links from 73 different domains and 73 unique IPs. Some links are deleted after a domain expires, so expired domain buyers tend to buy domains with many back links.

It has a Citation Flow of 28 and a Trust Flow of 16. According to a recent study, Citation Flow has an 81% correlation with Page Rank. This is the highest correlation than any othe third party metric.

It has a Moz Domain Authority of 32.91 and a Moz Rank of 4.25. Moz update their metrics much more frequently than Google updates the toolbar Page Rank. Moz Rank is therefore a better indicator of the domain’s current value.

Below is the analysis of the 3 links found for the domain The column “Link From” shows the domain and links to the linking page. The second column called “Domain Authority” gives the Moz Domain Authority of the domain. The column “Anchor Text” shows the anchor text that has been used in the link. The column “Rank Passed” shows the amount of Moz Rank that is passed by the link to the domain.

Link From Domain Authority Anchor Text Rank Passed 50 2.23 25 Association du marketing relati… 3.41 54 AMRQ 2.95
*Additional links from same domain not shown.

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