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What is

DomainsAfrica is a fast new search engine for finding expired domains and domains on auction. We help you filter through thousands of expiring domains using metrics like Page Rank, Trust Flow, Domain Authority, SEMrush Traffic and more. You can browse the domains based on keywords from your specific industry and filter/sort them based on those metrics that you want.

Check out domains with high page rank, loads of valuable back links, high natural organic traffic, high Majestic Seo Trust Flow abnd more by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

About 80,000 to 100,000 domains expire every single day. People often let these domains drop because they do not see the value in it, but loads of domainers and people doing seo buy these expired domains either directly from the registry after a drop, or by placing a backorder and catching the expiring domain or by winning them from an auction. We make it very easy to filter out these 100,000 domains into a much smaller list, so that you can spend time only on the valuable ones.

We hope you like our software. We built it for speed.

DomainsAfrica Team